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Dead Animal Removal Service

Dead Rat Removal Service

If you have placed baits around the house recently and now have the unpleasant odour of a dead animal coming from your ceiling, walls or the crawl space under the house, contact us here at All Pests and we can help you with dead animal removal.

When you call us for our dead rat removal service we can help you track down the source of the odour and dispose of the dead rodent in a hygienic and efficient manner.

Dead Possum Removal

Possums die. It’s a fact of life. But sometimes possums die in the most inconvenient of places. Dead possum & rodent odours are unpleasant and can linger for weeks before the carcass dries out enough for the smell to decrease. But even after the initial smell of the dead animal has diminished, the carcass still remains. If left in place within walls, ceilings, or subflooring, dead animal carcass can be a health hazard.

Acting quickly to remove the dead animal reduces the amount of time that the smell will linger, it also reduced the risk of damage to your property that can occur when the bacteria involved in the decomposition process penetrate porous or absorbent surfaces.

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