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Moths in your house or business place? Melbourne, Victoria

Some moths, such as Clothes Moths or Carpet Moths, can cause significant damage to natural fibres (such as wool, silk, or cotton) in carpets, clothes, textiles, fur, and even leather items once they enter your home.

The damage is caused by moth caterpillars consuming the protein (keratin) obtained from natural materials. This puts your fragile belongings at risk, especially if they are stored in drawers, wardrobes, or beneath the bed for extended periods of time.

If you suspect an infestation, please contact us as soon as possible so that treatment of the moths and their larvae may begin, as the problem can quickly spread to other areas of your property if left unchecked.

  • Prevent the spread of disease and contamination

  • Keep pests away from your investments

  • Protect your reputation

  • Get the proper pest control to comply with laws

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How to identify the signs of moth infestation Melbourne, Victoria

While an adult moth is easy to see flying or crawling around your home, keep an eye out for moths at other stages of their lifecycle, such as maggot-like larvae and silken cocoons.

The presence of telltale holes in clothing and other household fabrics can be used to determine whether or not moths have become a significant problem in a home, and is there a moth infestation or not. Adult moths are commonly blamed for eating through your clothes, but their larvae are the main perpetrators.

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Common moth species in Australia Melbourne, Victoria

There are over 22 000 species of moths in Australia, with approximately half of these having scientific names. Moths are roughly classified into three types based on their preferred feeding source.

Clothes moths - Female clothing moths lay their eggs on natural fabrics like wool, cotton, and even leather, as well as on artificial fabrics that are combined with natural fibre. The keratin in the material feeds their larvae until they crawl away to spin cocoons and begin their transformation into adult moths.

Carpet moths - Carpet moths are little, barely 5mm long, and tan in colour. They don't commonly fly, so keep an eye out for them crawling. They only live a few months, but females can lay 200 eggs, so they spread swiftly. Larvae eat natural fibres, so ragged areas on your carpets could indicate that your property is infested.

Kitchen moths -If you see moths in your kitchen, they are almost certainly from the group known as kitchen moths. They eat dry foods like flour and cereal, so check inside cabinets, boxes, and jars for their maggot-like larvae. Eggs and larvae have also been discovered on kitchen surfaces and walls. Kitchen moths are typically found in commercial buildings but have also been spotted in homes.

Moths at your residence Melbourne, Victoria

Moth infestation may cause problems with clothing by causing unsightly holes. Although a pair of holey socks will not bother you, it can be very disturbing when they get into closets and eat their way through expensive clothing, including leather.

They can also get inside storage, and finding holes in your prized family antiques or wedding dress can be heartbreaking. Because most species enjoy feeding on clothing and soft furniture, your carpets, curtains, and sofas may also suffer.

When you notice evidence of a moth infestation, you should act swiftly and contact experts from All Pests to deal with moths as quickly as possible!

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Fast Response

If you require moth control that has a quick turn-around, we aim for same-day response & service*. We service within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

No Call-Out Fee

As a local Australian company, we feel it is wrong to charge a call-out fee. We strive to provide you with moth pest control treatment that is both fair and competitively priced.

Discreet Operatives

Our services are designed to be discreet, to ensure nobody, but you know you are receiving moths pest treatment, and our experts have been doing so for over 20 years.


Our moth pest control services have been used by thousands of homes and businesses across Melbourne & Victoria, with our local engineers highly recommended by trade bodies.

Why Should Moths Be Treated?

Infestations caused by moths will result in damage to carpets and clothing, and if the problem is not resolved, the moth population will continue to grow. The same thinking should be used to the various other kinds of stored goods bugs. You may also find that some of your food is contaminated with moth larvae. If so - it is not edible anymore.

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Moths at your business property Melbourne, Victoria

A moth infestation, especially in the hotel industry, can have a devastating effect on a company's reputation. Moths chew through hotel linens, especially while they are in storage, causing financial and reputational damage.

Moths feed on dried items and prefer dark environments, therefore they are especially attracted to food warehouses. Moths can potentially bring bacteria from outside, and their excrement and cocoons can cause contamination of the food, wreaking havoc on hygiene standards.

It is critical to engage a moths pest control expert to protect your business against moths.

How To Prevent Moth Infestation

It would help if you looked for silk webbing left behind by the larvae of moths to prevent moth infestation in your home or place of business. Items from the pantry should be kept in airtight containers, and any spilt food should be cleaned up as soon as possible using a vacuum.

In addition, ensure that your clothing is dry cleaned, that your furniture is steam cleaned, and that you make use of pheromone traps. However, calling in reliable moth exterminators is a much quicker and more effective approach to preventing a moth infestation.

Moths don’t stand a chance.

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Inspections & Treatments

Melbourne moth Inspection you can trust. Local pests can be a big problem. We are highly trained and licenced to use a variety of pest inspection treatments and prevention measures for all common pests, including moths.

Moths Pest Management

We provide pest management solutions to get your home and business pest-free. As a confident pest controllers, we will be able to tailor an effective pest extermination and prevention solution for moths and other types of pests.

Pest Removal

Do you want your home and/or business to be fully pest & moth-free? We are moth pest control experts, and we would love to take away the hassle and worry that comes with your moth pest problem. Contact us today for a free quote or if you want to learn more.

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Katie Sills
Katie Sills
a month ago

I have used All Pests services for the last 2 years. Ryan was very professional and approachable, answering any questions I had. We will be having them back again next year. Great service. Due to the recent rains I had to reschedule many times, each time they were very understanding and offered great friendly service.

tom cook
tom cook
3 months ago

Ryan was very professional in his work.
He gave me satisfying answers of all my questions. I can see while he was doing pest control cockroaches were dying. I am happy with his service.
Thanks and greatly appreciated.😊

michael bishop
michael bishop
a year ago

We have used All Pests Pest Control multiple times to eradicate pests in and around our property. We back on to bush and are always so impressed at how long our home remains bug free after a general extermination. Rodney does a fantastic job, we highly recommend this business!

Sam Goyder
Sam Goyder
a month ago

Ryan was very friendly and professional. Arrived on time and completed the work thoroughly. Very satisfied with the service.

Ellen Hudson
Ellen Hudson
a week ago

100% best Melbourne pest control company out there.
So friendly, extremely efficient at getting back to you, great advice and knowledge on all kinds of pests. Used them at my apartment for cockroaches and they all died and never came back. Success!! Thank you for making this scary, gross process so pleasant!!

Graeme Ceshire
Graeme Ceshire
1 year ago

Excellent, very professional company. Very organised and disciplined They have a dedicated pre-service chat/email team that looks into what bugs you have. And puts together a detailed quote before starting, with lots of detail and information about how to prepare before and after the service. 

Michael Loganathan
Michael Loganathan
a year ago

We have used All Pests Pest Control services in Melbourne twice and Ryan and team were professional, the products worked a treat and lasted more than 6 months. We had issues with rodents, cockroaches and spiders and since both services we have had peace of mind in our home. I highly recommend All Pests services for an affordable, professional service using high-quality products that last and work effectively everytime. Thank you!

Jeni Stavreski
Jeni Stavreski
a month ago

The service that I received from All Pests was excellent. They responded to my enquiry extremely promptly. The assistance that I received was friendly, professional and very helpful.

Getting Rid of Moths For Good

At All Pests, we can get rid of moth infestation on your property using several techniques. There are some homemade methods that may be cheaper, but they can't compare to the quality of products made with heat and chemicals designed for professional industrial use. Contact us to get the quickest moths inspection & removal services!

Moths Pest Control FAQ

What causes lots of moths in the house?

How do moths get into the house? If you find a single moth in your home, it's likely that it has come through the window. But if you're inundated with them it's likely that the larvae have been brought into the home through somebody's shopping or clothes.
If you have a more severe moth larvae infestation going on in your home, then you may have to seek the help of a specialist to do the job. A professional pest controller will come and identify the type of moth and take the proper steps to exterminate the clothes moths, pantry moths, kitchen moths, etc.
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