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Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula Termite Inspection


We work across the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne to keep homes safe from termites. Our termite treatment practices are the industry standard and our local knowledge helps us to identify termite danger areas fast. We apply appropriate pest control methods with confidence. Get in touch with us today to book a termite inspection. We offer same-day service across the Mornington Peninsula. Our termite inspection process will identify if you have an active or inactive termite nest and also assess any damage that may have occurred anywhere in the house.

Termite Treatment

Every termite treatment is unique and requires a different approach.

It is best to have a specialist assess the situation as this will ensure effective treatment.

Whether you are after Pre Purchase Termite Inspection (P.P.I), Pre-Construction Pest Control or Termite Exterminations, we have a friendly team of highly trained and licensed pest control technicians.

 Termite Control

We can help you take control of your termite situation.

Reduce the risk of termites causing damage to your property and effectively control termites before they pose a threat to your home. We recommend a full termite inspection at least every 12 months.

Termite Infestation

Termite infestations can do serious damage to your home with some serious cost implications.

Termites are a very destructive type of pest and it is crucial to have thorough inspections of your home and property to ensure that termites are detected before a termite infestation breaks out.

  • we are a family owned and run business in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula.
  • free quotes and same day service.
  • available 24/7.
  • all our treatments are environmentally safe and friendly and are all carried out to Australian standards.
  • offer a dedicated and professional service.

Contact us today for a free quote. All Pest, rodent control Mornington peninsula & Melbourne.

Pest Control

Are you having a bit of a pest problem and want to get rid of it as soon as possible? We understand. We are highly trained and licensed to use a variety of pest inspection treatments and prevention measures for all pests, big or small.

We provide pest control across the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne.

We work with both commercial and residential clients and have a long-lasting track record of achieving results. Are you interested in a free quote for our pest control solutions? Reach out to us today.

Small Pest Control

From ants to bed bugs and from cockroaches to silverfish. We treat them all. Whether you have a current infestation that you need to get rid of or you are planning a pest inspection for the construction of a new building and are interested in preventative works. Reach out to us and we will be able to help you out.

Large Pest Control

Larger pest can cause serious damage to your property over time. Also, if left untreated they will become safety and health hazard, especially when they might be carrying a disease. We treat all common large pest, such as birds, possums, foxes and rabbits.

Rodent Control

Protect your property and eliminate odours without proven rodent control methods. Rats and mice can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage by chewing through electrical cables, gnawing on timber frames and eating they way through plasterboard. Not to mention the unsanitary mess they can leave behind when they are able to access your kitchen and food storage areas.

Termite Inspection Mornington Peninsula

Termite Extermination Melbourne + Mornington Peninsula

Pest Control Mornington Peninsula

Small Pest Control Melbourne + Mornington Peninsula

All Pest Extermination Mornington Peninsula

Larger Pest Control Melbourne + Mornington Peninsula

Dead Animal Removal

We can remove all deceased animals, keeping you and your home safe from all associated health risks

Mornington Peninsula Termite Inspections

We service the Mornington Peninsula for termite inspections, termite treatments and termite extermination. Have a look at our recent termite inspections here:

Termite Inspection Chelsea

Whilst inspecting a home in Chelsea for termites we discovered a mud lead coming down from her shower. This presents a high risk termite area. After completing the inspection, All Pests chemically treated the area for termits as a preventative method.

Termite Prevention in Mornington

All Pests have been involved in the construction of a new house in Mornington. We completed a part a and part b termite treatmentas part of the pre construction termite treatment.

Termite Prevention Rosebud

A local builder from Rosebud discovered clear evidence of a termite infestation in the flooring of a house he started renovations on. He called us in a panic and we advised him to stop working on the flooring and we sent out our termite specialist to do a full termite inspection on the house.

Termite Inspection Rye

This homeowner noticed bubbling in the floorboards of their home. After termite inspection, we set up a termite bait to control the termite infestation.

Recent Pest Inspections

Termite Inspection at Chelsea

A customer from Chelsea rang All Pests for a termite inspection. We arranged a time to inspect property and while inspecting the property I found a mud lead in subfloor under her bathroom floor; looking closer we found that she had a leak coming from her...

Prevention Works in Mornington

Pre-construction treatment to a new house in Mornington. All Pests installed homeguard blue sheeting to all stumps before the builder lay his bearers and joist. On completion of the job the builder received his certificate of installation...


Frankston Termite Inspection All pests recently received a call from a distressed client who had found termites on his property in an old tree stump in the far back corner of his property. Termites found anywhere on the property is always a concern so we...

Rosebud Termite Treatment

AGHHH!! Termites!! A builder from Rosebud rang All Pests in a panic after starting renovations to a house and discovering clear evidence of termite infestation in the flooring. After lifting the carpets in the bedroom area he came across some bubbling in...

Termite Baiting Rye

Mornington Peninsula Termite Inspection A Mornington Peninsula customer based in Rye rang 'All Pests' regarding some bubbling found in the flooring of the living room.  After talking to the client we advised them not to touch the damaged flooring and wait...

Prevention Works in Seaford

Part B (physical)- pre construction treatment to a new house in seafood. All Pests installed homeguard blue sheeting to the perimeter of the house before the builder could lay any bearers and joists. On completion of job the builder received his...

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