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We know cockroaches are bad for your property Cockroach Pest Control in Melbourne, Victoria

It's upsetting to discover cockroaches in your house or place of business. Exposure to cockroaches is dangerous because they spread diseases like Salmonella, Dysentery, and Gastroenteritis. There is evidence that cockroach feces contribute to an uptick in eczema and asthma.

Due to their resilience and reproductive rate, cockroach infestations require expert intervention. Only high-quality, professionally developed products and services can completely deal with the problems that plague them.

  • Prevent the spread of disease and contamination

  • Keep pests away from your investments

  • Protect your reputation

  • Get the proper pest control to comply with laws

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How to identify a cockroach problem Cockroach Pest Control in Melbourne, Victoria

There will be both dead and living cockroaches present if you have an issue with cockroaches. Typically in kitchens or other rooms that contain boilers and/or other electrical appliances like refrigerators or stoves. 

Since cockroaches spend much of their time inactive during the day, the best time to look for them is at night. They cannot function well until exposed to high temperatures, although they can endure and adapt to cold temperatures (but will not thrive). 

Because of this, most frequently you will find them in places where there is significant heat, such as kitchens, laundry rooms, boiler rooms, and other similar areas. The interiors of refrigerators (since the motors in refrigerators constantly give out heat), stoves, boilers, and washing machines are some of the most common places where they can be found.

Common Pests & Services We Offer Melbourne, Victoria

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Issues Caused by Cockroaches Cockroach Pest Control in Melbourne, Victoria

In Melbourne, Cockroaches are known to carry a range of diseases, some of which are capable of causing humans to suffer from conditions that are potentially life-threatening.

Cockroaches are widely seen as an indicator of a dirty environment, and their presence in your place of business can severely damage your brand's reputation. However, there are a number of other reasons why cockroaches are considered to be a pest that needs to be dealt with by trained professionals.

Cockroaches have been linked to a number of diseases, including the following:

  • Dysentery - a sickness caused by ingesting feces.
  • Roundworms - parasitic creatures that, like pinworms, may be extremely harmful to humans and cause diseases such as trichinosis.
  • Food poisoning - they can track bacteria across food on your counter and in cupboards, causing food poisoning.
  • Viruses - Roaches have been found to carry a variety of viruses.
  • Tapeworms - can cause major diseases and digestive difficulties in humans and animals.
  • Allergies - Cockroach excrement, skins, and saliva are among the primary causes of allergies in city dwellers.
  • Fungus - can grow in cockroach droppings, and shed skins, causing fungi to harm the lungs or eyes. Asthmatics are particularly vulnerable to the fungus left by cockroaches.

Preparation before Cockroach treatment & control Cockroach Pest Control in Melbourne, Victoria

The parts that are infected must be cleaned thoroughly before any treatment can have any hope of being effective. It's important to clean behind and inside of appliances like stoves and refrigerators. Cockroaches are capable of climbing, thus it is necessary to clean and degrease every level of the building thoroughly.

Check with your neighbors or the owners of any buildings that are connected with yours to see if they are experiencing any issues. The only way for treatments of large community type buildings to be effective is for the entire building to be treated at the same time.

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Fast Response

If you require pest control that has a quick turn-around, we aim for same-day response & service*. We service within 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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As a local Australian company, we feel it is wrong to charge a call-out fee. We strive to provide you with pest control treatment that is both fair and competitively priced.

Discreet Operatives

Our services are designed to be discreet, to ensure nobody, but you know you are receiving pest treatment, and our experts have been doing so for over 20 years’.


Our pest control services have been used by thousands of homes and businesses across Melbourne & Victoria, with our local engineers highly recommended by trade bodies.

The Threats of Cockroach Infestation

Most cockroaches create foul odours and some people are allergic to them. The bodies of dead cockroaches, their feces, and their egg casings are also the issue. Some of the compounds discharged contain allergens that might induce asthma and other serious health concerns. As a result, we recommend that you thoroughly clean your property following the extermination. 

Cockroaches can also bite if they are hungry. Their bites can cause discomfort, rashes, edema, and sometimes mild illnesses. If you get such bites, it implies that the pest population is out of control, and you should contact All Pests promptly to diagnose and eliminate the problem.

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Trusted & Professional Cockroach Control Cockroach Pest Control in Melbourne, Victoria

The cockroach infestation will have been treated with a bait that has Indoxacarb in it or with an insecticide spray that has Lambda-cyhalothrin, 80% Bendiocarb w/w, or Deltamethrin in it. Also, a special powder could be used to treat it. This has 1% Bendiocarb in the form of dust, which is an insecticide. All pesticides are non-corrosive, odourless, biodegradable, and non-tainting, and none of them leaves a stain.

For complete control, you may need more than one spray or bait treatment, especially if there is a huge cockroach population, if the bugs are spreading from one property to another, or if the surface is dirty. In some cases, like in shared, communal, or multi-occupancy buildings, it may be required to spray or bait once a month until the infestation is gone.

How To Prevent Cockroach Infestation

Maintain a regular cleaning schedule in which you vacuum and dust the house, and always store food in airtight containers. Cabinets should be kept dry at all times by using a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air. Immediately clean up any crumbs or spills, and make sure the garbage is taken out every day. Do not allow dirty dishes to accumulate in the sink. Repairing holes and cracks in the walls and flooring, as well as replacing dripping faucets and fractures in the plumbing, could be of assistance as well.

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Inspections & Treatments

Melbourne pest Inspection you can trust. Local pest can be a big problem. We are highly trained and licenced to use a variety of pest inspection treatments and prevention measures for all common pests.

Pest Management

We provide pest management solutions to get your home and business pest-free. As a confident pest controller, we will be able to tailor an effective pest extermination and prevention solution for any type of pest infestation.

Pest Removal

You want your home and/or business to be fully pest & bed bug-free? We are pest control experts, and we would love to take away the hassle and worry that comes with your pest problem. Contact us today for a free quote or if you want to learn more.

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Katie Sills
Katie Sills
a month ago

I have used All Pests services for the last 2 years. Ryan was very professional and approachable, answering any questions I had. We will be having them back again next year. Great service. Due to the recent rains I had to reschedule many times, each time they were very understanding and offered great friendly service.

tom cook
tom cook
3 months ago

Ryan was very professional in his work.
He gave me satisfying answers of all my questions. I can see while he was doing pest control cockroaches were dying. I am happy with his service.
Thanks and greatly appreciated.😊

michael bishop
michael bishop
a year ago

We have used All Pests Pest Control multiple times to eradicate pests in and around our property. We back on to bush and are always so impressed at how long our home remains bug free after a general extermination. Rodney does a fantastic job, we highly recommend this business!

Sam Goyder
Sam Goyder
a month ago

Ryan was very friendly and professional. Arrived on time and completed the work thoroughly. Very satisfied with the service.

Ellen Hudson
Ellen Hudson
a week ago

100% best Melbourne pest control company out there.
So friendly, extremely efficient at getting back to you, great advice and knowledge on all kinds of pests. Used them at my apartment for cockroaches and they all died and never came back. Success!! Thank you for making this scary, gross process so pleasant!!

Graeme Ceshire
Graeme Ceshire
1 year ago

Excellent, very professional company. Very organised and disciplined They have a dedicated pre-service chat/email team that looks into what bugs you have. And puts together a detailed quote before starting, with lots of detail and information about how to prepare before and after the service. 

Michael Loganathan
Michael Loganathan
a year ago

We have used All Pests Pest Control services in Melbourne twice and Ryan and team were professional, the products worked a treat and lasted more than 6 months. We had issues with rodents, cockroaches and spiders and since both services we have had peace of mind in our home. I highly recommend All Pests services for an affordable, professional service using high-quality products that last and work effectively everytime. Thank you!

Jeni Stavreski
Jeni Stavreski
a month ago

The service that I received from All Pests was excellent. They responded to my enquiry extremely promptly. The assistance that I received was friendly, professional and very helpful.

Cockroaches: How to Get Rid of Them at Home

Following the removal of an infestation, the home must be thoroughly cleaned to remove cockroach casts, corpses, and feces. In addition, floors and furniture should be cleaned completely, linens and other materials laundered, and kitchen surfaces, shelves, and closets wiped off.

Residents should also clean the spaces beneath and around major appliances like stoves and refrigerators. Once the house is clean, it is critical to keep it clean to keep the crawling insect from returning. Gaps and holes in walls should also be sealed to prevent insects out. Contact All Pests professionals to eliminate the cockroach problem on your property completely.

Cockroach Control FAQ

What attracts cockroaches in your home?

  • Dirty dishes in the sink. Dirty dishes in the sink often have leftover food on them, which is exactly what cockroaches are looking for.
  • Crumbs on the floors or counters. Leaving crumbs on your floor or counters is another source of food that cockroaches will be attracted to. 
  • Garbage. 
  • Pet food on the floor. 
  • Excess moisture.

The best way to deal with roaches is to call the professional Cockroach Pest Control Company.


Mix baking soda with sugar to make a killer combination

A concoction of baking soda and sugar is an effective cockroach killer and controls the multiplication of these pests. Sugar acts as bait to attract cockroaches and the baking soda kills them.

What are the cockroach pest control solutions?

Here are some of the fastest ways to get rid of roaches and maintain cockroach pest control:
  1. Use Glue Traps to Identify Problem Areas. Glue traps are an effective way to identify roach problem areas and resolve infestations.
  2. Set Bait Stations.
  3. Caulk all Entry Points.
  4. Use a Liquid Concentrate.
  5. Hire a Pest Management Professional.
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