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Termite Bait

Mornington Peninsula Termite Inspection

A Mornington Peninsula customer based in Rye rang ‘All Pests’ regarding some bubbling found in the flooring of the living room.  After talking to the client we advised them not to touch the damaged flooring and wait until we arrived.

A short time later we completed a full internal/ external termite inspection to the property. After the termite inspection, we provided the customer with the best option for her house. In this case, the termite solution was Exterra Baiting and Monitoring system.

Termite Baiting

The system works by attracting the termites by using baits that are a preferable source of food for termites. Studies have shown that in many cases, once the Exterra baits have been strategically placed, termites will actually stop feeding on the timbers in your home in preference for the bait. The bait is also non-toxic for humans and safe for pets.

The client was happy with the product information so we installed an above ground station in an area that would be most effective.

One month later the termite baiting station was full of termites. After rebaiting the station we continually went to site every month until colony had been eliminated.

Exterra baiting and monitoring system is a perfect system for homes that may be too low to the ground or that the customer just doesn’t want any chemical sprayed around. At ‘all pests’ we are an accredited Exterra installers.