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Rodent Detection

We’ll work to identify the problem areas in your home or business to find where rats and mice are congregating. The process includes internal roof inspections for rat and mice droppings and where access is available we’ll check under the house to search for nest.
We’ll examine all areas where infestation might be present and apply the necessary rodent control strategies to quickly eliminate pests.

Rat and Mice Extermination

Our methods include rodent baits that will be placed in areas of high rodent traffic. And for those areas that might be accessible for your cats and dogs we will use tamper proof boxes to protect your pets from harm.

Ongoing Benefits of All Pests Rodent Control.

We’ll off you tips and advice on Rodent Control strategies to reduce the risk of rats and mice returning. With the rat and mice safely exterminated you will be able to prevent odours caused by the feces and urine left behind by these rodents, and you will also be able to protect wires and electrical cable in roof spaces and wall cavities.