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Why is Pigeon Removal Important?

These are just some of the reasosn why you should consider getting rid of your pigeon infestation.

Bird Droppings

One of the main reasons to remove pigeons is that they can destroy your home or workplace just by all their droppings.

Health Risks

Pigeons can present a serious health risk as the droppings can spread diseases and present a risk to the workforce.

Costs of Regular Cleanups

If you don’t remove your pigeon infestation you will have to regularly clean up the mess the birds leave behind, which can cost a lot of money.

Pigeons are a pest

Pigeons are not considered native birds and are classified as pest birds.

Ensure a safe workplace

You want to ensure a safe workplace for your employees and you don’t want to risk spreading diseases caused by a pigeon infestation.

Bird Mites

Bird mites are often spread when birds, such as pigeons, are nesting in the roofs or other locations.

How It Works

We offer same-day quoting for most Melbourne Suburbs. We will come out to inspect the situation, then we quote and plan for our pigeon removal services.

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When you contact us we aim to provide a quote on the same day after we get a better understanding of the scope of your infestation.


Plan for pigeon removal

After inspecting the situation we will take all necessary steps to plan for the removal of your pigeon infestation.


Schedule pigeon removal

This is where we schedule your pigeon removal in.

Pigeon Removal

If you want to get rid of your bird infestation now. Contact us today.

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We had lots of questions and Ryan was more than happy to listen to our concerns and talk us through our best plan of action. I’d gladly recommend him to anyone that asked.


Thanks to Ryan & His Team All Pest Control Our Business in Mulgrave Is Now Safe This Summer

Mulgrave Fix

Ryan was fantastic and was able to come out to the property with only a few days notice